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Morton Glass Works, Inc. is a Morton, Illinois, manufacturer of art glass tools for stained glass, fused glass and glass mosaics. Morton tools are often refered to as the Morton System and are used worldwide by art glass hobbyists and art glass studio professionals.

The Morton System
The first Morton Glass Works products were introduced in 1980. Our first products were the Morton Surface, Layout Block System, Safety Break System and Portable Glass Shop. Since 1980 we have worked hard to improve all the original products and add many important new items. Most of our earlier products were developed to help the art glass hobbyists work more comfortably with glass in their home... our current lineup of products continue with the same goal for the home hobbyists. When we invented the Morton Surface to control glass chips from scoring and breaking glass, we had no idea that almost 35 years later it would be the standard to judge all glass cutting surfaces. The imitators of our surfaces, both past and present, have used our cell sizes and surface sizes as their standard. All glass grinder manufacturers have borrowed our glass surface ideas to give you the scratch free surface you enjoy on your grinder. We were the first to put our surfaces under your grinder and surround it with our Mr. Splash grinder surround. The Mini Surface & Mr. Splash combination are still the best and most economical control system for grinder and other cold working mess. The Portable Glass Shop is our flagship product and year after year It is always evolving. One of our newest products, the Circle and Border System, even comes with a computer program and free video instructions.

Over the past 33 years we have worked hard to support the art glass teacher. We feel Morton products are the best starting point for the art glass hobbyist and having them in your classroom is our way of helping you learn the virtues of the Morton System.