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A Place to Start
Working with glass is a lot easier than you may think. We believe that starting out with the best tools and the best information available will make learning a lot easier. Unfortunately there are no standards for what is the best way to learn stained glass and there seems to be no shortage of opinions. Hopefully as a professional or hobbyist you will find some suggestions about which Morton tools are right for you.
Stained Glass
Taking up stained glass as a hobby has never been easier or less expensive. A perception that stained glass is a difficult and expensive hobby is wrong. Good tools and a good teacher can make stained glass an easy craft to learn... for about $300 (less than the driver in my golf bag) you can get started with some excellent equipment and supplies. We think getting a good start with Morton tools will make a big difference... determine your ability level and start exploring what the Morton System has to offer you.
Fused Glass
Fusing is a great way to show your creativity with glass. Many of the same Morton tools used in stained glass are used in fused glass. Having good glass working skills is a definite advantage in fused glass. In stained glass we can cover some of our mistakes with foil, lead or solder. In fusing, missing points and edges that do not fit together may give some surprising results.
Mosaic Glass
Mosaic art is beautiful. The artisan who has command of good glass skills and fusing techniques can produce great mosaic art. In mosaic work, light is reflected. This is the opposite of the concept of stained glass. To explore the possibilities of this great art form visit the SAMA web site: