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For over 30 years we have been been helping the art glass teacher get Morton Products in their classrooms. We know the importance of the art glass teacher and without your hard work, the art glass industry would soon grow smaller. Let us help you with a teacher support program tailored to your needs.
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Support For Your Local Art Glass Teacher
Many people using Morton tools are first exposed to them by their teacher. Our "Art Glass Teacher Support" is a program that was started in the early 1980's and has expanded every year since. As wonderful as the internet has become, it's a mixed bag if you are an art glass teacher. Teachers get to hold your hand and teach you fusing, mosaics or stained glass in your local community. They give up evenings and weekends to teach you a craft. They sell you supplies and tools... maybe! A local art glass store must compete with the internet for your business. About three years ago I started fusing as a hobby and I now am having a problem finding the glass I need locally. At one time in our area we had several sources for glass locally but the same is true for many industries where brick and mortar stores are being replaced by internet shopping. If you want local supplies you must support the local supplier. We need to save and encourage art glass teachers... without them your children and their children will never know the joys of working with art glass
... Don Abel