Circle & Border System
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Package Contents
What's in the box?
our border concept.
Design & Scrap
Helpful hints
for Turn Table care.
Fused Plates
by Scottie
Putting a glass border around a glass circle uses a lot of glass and leaves you
with hard to use scrap... the CBS1 gives you options to save and be more creative.
Circle & Border Update: Adobe Flash is gone and the computer program for the CBS1 will not work for most users. We have developed a new method to help size the trapezoids needed for the border part of the Circle & Border System.

Mac & Windows users can download the replacement now. The program is new so please send comments that might help us make the replacement better. Please start with the "READ ME FIRST" and check back for updates.

"Download Circle & Border Calculator Replacement"

Cutting surface and glass cutter not included.
Circle & Border System
Fused Plates
by Scottie
product name
2022 USA suggested retail Prices ...............product details
CBS1 Circle & Border System
The Circle & Border System is a jig tool for the glass crafter who wants much more than a circle for their plate and bowl designs. Package contents!
Replacement for the CBS1 Calculator... "Download Replacement" contains 5 PDF files and Mac & Windows spreadsheets. The PDFs are listed below... Please read 1 & 2 first... a, b and c in any order.
Mac Users: Google Chrome & Firefox browsers seem to work better with these PDFs than Safari.
Important Notice - The SS02P multi panel surface is not covered in the CBS1 instructions. Use this
surface numbering pdf to show you where the CBS1 is mounted on the SS02P
CBS1 Package contents! - CBS1 Videos
CBS1 right handed manual.
CBS1 left handed manual.
The Circle & Border System is easy to use but is very left or right handed. Download the version of the user manual that applies to you for additional information.
Replacement Parts
. Call 309-266-5712 or eMail MGW for price & availability.