Layout Block System
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Use inexpensive soft board with your Layout Block System.
Imitation plywood (such as "Homasote" ) and fiberboard panels
(used in suspended ceilings) are two popular choices.
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2018 Video Using Morton's Layout Block System - Creating a project board
Layout Instructions & Tips Layout Instructions & Tips - Download Instructions & Tips
Ten 6-inch "L's" - 40 push pins.
Favored by teachers as a starting point.
Four 3-inch & four 12-inch "L's" - 40 push pins.
A great way to expand the LB01.
16 replacement push pins - 1/2-inch #4 point.
Click here to see why the point is important.
Two 17-inch "L's" - 16 push pins
Two 23-inch "L's" - 16 push pins
The push pin heads and "L's" are made of aluminum.