Safety Break System
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The three-part Safety Break and the M-80
allow glass breaking anywhere along
the score line... this feature is a huge
advantage over tools that only work
from the glass edge. From first day
beginner to seasoned professional,
the M-80 and the Safety Break
are the best glass breaking
team you will find.
The SB80 is discontinued
but wil continue to be
product name
product details
SB01 Safety Break
The Safety Break has three components. The Running Tool was developed for use with the Portable Glass Shop and is the best breaking tool available to eliminate or lessen burs and flares.
SB80 M-80
24.75" long - 4" tall - 3.25" wide
Steel tubing with plastic components.
Audio-Visual "Understanding the Safety Break System" - Computer version or iPad version
Safety Break System Videos
Replacement Parts
. Call 309-266-5712 or eMail MGW for price & availability.
SB01 & SB80 User Manual