If you do not hear from us soon, contact again or call (309) 266-5712.  The links above will take you back to the home page or back to the PG01B eManual.  The rest of this page has some good information for the Portable Glass Shop user.

Numbering a Morton Surface is very important to using the Portable Glass Shop.  The old model PG01 uses a different numbering system than PG01B.  All Morton surfaces can be numbered for the PG01B but the numbers will not work with the older PG01.  Below you will find a list of all the Morton surfaces and some very helpful downloads for numbering your surface for the Portable Glass Shop.

PG01B - current model

If your Squaring Fence looks like the one above you have the PG01B but you may be missing some components that were added after your purchase.  Below is a picture of the current components or you can download a list with both pictures and names. If you are missing parts you can order them as replacement parts. Call 309-266-5712 for parts.

PG01 - previous model

If your Squaring Fence looks like the one above you have the previous model PG01.  You can order replacement parts for this model by calling 309-266-5712.  Although there is no longer any support for the PG01, you can download the PG01 instruction manual at no charge.

Many who have the PG01 tell us they learned years ago and for various reasons have not been active in art glass.  Now wanting to again be active in art glass many of the users are learning the Portable Glass Shop all over again all over again.  Because all the Portable Glass Shop tutorials and videos are about using the PG01B you will find it easier to start over with the new model.

Please consider upgrading to the PB01B.  Even though some of the parts look similar, none of the plastic parts are interchangeable.  One part of your PG01, the 22 inch Cutting Bar, will work with the PG01B.  To help you save a little on upgrading we have a trade-in program that will give you all the new plastic parts and let you use the old Cutting Bar.

Please consider trading in your PG01 for a PG01B.  The trade-in program can only be done through us.  Call 309-266-5712 and see how easy it is to make a trade.

PG01B Surface Numbering

Need help numbering your surface for the PG01B? Download a PDf that is just for your surface model.  Surface numbering for the PG01B is completely different than the PG01.  These helpful guides will make it easy to number or renumber your surface.   The black circles with a number will match the numbers on the new "Angle Setting Guide".


Setting Guide

SS02 - 1 panel -  25 by 40 cells

    surface #'s for PG01B - download PDF

SM03 - 1 panel - 27 by 40 cells

    surface #'s for PG01B - download PDF

LS01 - 1 panel - 40 by 56 cells

    surface #'s for PG01B - download PDF

SS02P - 2 panels - 28 by 40 cells

  each panel - 28 by 20 cells

    surface #'s for PG01B - download PDF

SS02P - 4 panels - 40 by 56 cells

  each panel - 28 by 20 cells

    surface #'s for PG01B - download PDF

Not Morton Surface - 20 by 20 cells / panel

    Not compatible with PG01B.

Check PG01B Components

If you are missing a part you can order it as a replacement part. The diagram below is showing all the components of the current PG01B. Download a diagram of the PG01B components with names that can be printed to make checking your unit easier.  If you need replacement parts call 309-266-5549.